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‘Pay more and you make more’

Your editorial, “County’s economic diversity fuels economy,” in Sunday’s paper (Aug. 6 edition) was correct and right to point out that in many sectors the economy is doing well. But not all, and there’s much more that needs to be done.

Yes, many companies are doing expansion projects but trust me the pay isn’t expanding with the added work. I work for a company that contracts human resources in a six-county area, so I know with certainty that the same jobs are paying $3 to $4 more per hour in Macomb, Oakland and even Wayne counties. Why is that?

Because obviously those companies are willing to pay more to attract and keep talent, but my experience in Lapeer County is that some companies continue to pay the lowest hourly pay because they’re cheap and don’t really care about their employees.

Certainly there are better players than others, but generally you can count on making more money elsewhere than Lapeer County and until wages increase area residents will not feel the benefits of an improving economy.

Employees must find companies whose culture is to re-invest in them and to take care of them, because always in the end a happy employee is a more productive employee. It’s pretty basic stuff, but some Lapeer County companies haven’t gotten the memo — pay workers more and you’ll make more.

Rhonda Hickman


Business stories great

Nice work, fellas. As a small business operator with shops in Madison Heights and Marysville I really appreciated your Sunday package of stories about what Lapeer County businesses are doing “behind the walls” of their facilities.

I think most people are going to be very impressed with the scope of work and products that are manufactured in Lapeer County. The story about SE Tools in Lapeer was particularly interesting to me because my company does similar work for big-name retailers people would be very familiar with. I look forward to reading more stories about what Lapeer County businesses make here. I know many of them, and they deserve to be recognized because many of them can locate anywhere and choose to stay here in Lapeer County. It can be hard to find good employees in Lapeer County, but once you find them they’ll stick with you provided you pay them well and treat them better. That’s what my friends tell me.

Good pay has to be the first thing, but creating an environment with room for advancement is critical to keeping people.

I think you will find that a lot of people really like the “Business” page in your newspaper. It’s the first thing I look for in other papers, and so it’s great to see the local newspaper care about what’s going on in the business community.

Brandon Phillips

Dryden Township

A breath of fresh air

I would rather see a guy like Kid Rock as our state senator any day over Democrat Debbie Stabenow.

Kid Rock is a conservative who would be for smaller government and favors people holding onto their money rather than the federal government. And you know what? I’m for a guy who will use common language and call things as they really are, and not be afraid to hurt the soft little feelings of people because he won’t put up with political correctness that protects illegal immigrants and other undesirables in this country. Politics is hardball. It’s time to play the game, or get out of the way.

I voted for Trump because he doesn’t worry about how his words sound, he just lets things fly because he cares about the working man and doesn’t let the haters at the New York Times, CNN and others get him down. Senator Kid Rock would be a breath of fresh air, just as is President Trump.

Cassidy Greene

Mussey Township

‘Problem’ has gotten worse

I completely agree with the guest opinion by James Hohman from the Mackinac Center in Sunday’s paper (Aug. 6 edition). Too often in Michigan, local and state government gives away the farm in tax breaks and other economic incentives, only to watch the companies later relocate their operations or else the promised jobs never materialized yet you rarely hear people ask for their money back from companies that swindled them.

The same goes for millionaire and billionaire owners of professional sports teams who always squeeze taxpayers to spend millions in taxpayer money to build new stadiums. That’s not right.

Why should a guy living in Escanaba or Alpena have to pay for the new Little Caesars Arena that he will likely never visit? Or pay for Amazon to build a new facility in Shelby Township?

But it’s just the same old thing. Politicians help rich business people, because they in turn fund their re-election campaigns in exchange for even more sweetheart deals down the road that will benefit their company or industry and rarely the man or woman working for that company.

Taxpayers continue to pay for new buildings and sporting arenas, yet when the average working guy goes to take his family to a Tiger or Lions game they practically need to mortgage the house. It’s ridiculous and quite frankly offensive to be honest, and yet it just keeps on happening.

Government doesn’t work for the people, it works for large corporations whose only interest is to make more money for their greedy stockholders with no regard for the employees. That’s the American way, but that doesn’t make it right.

I thought it might change under President Trump and the Republican leadership, but actually the problem has only gotten worse.

Lynn Neiman


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