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We all pay for motorcyclists •

Wages not raising • Bravo White Horse owners

Editor’s note: Dave Knapp, the used car dealership owner on M-24 in Mayfield Township, is not the individual quoted in Sunday’s County Press regarding the presidency of Donald Trump. Sunday’s Sound Off comment was by a Forest Township (Otisville) resident.

Motorcyclists are being subsidized by motorists

Strictly speaking, not wearing a helmet isn’t just a motorcyclist’s business, just like when there’s a hurricane in Florida that causes billions of dollars in damages and home insurance goes up. Here in Michigan, everyone is paying more in car insurance because we’re basically subsidizing their freedom to ride without a helmet after they mash their brains in an accident.

If your car insurance didn’t go up, you’re lucky but that’s what is going on.

Robert Wagner


Plenty of blame to go around

I blame our former senator Phil Pavlov who sponsored the legislation that allowed motorcycle riders to operate without a helmet. I also blame the Republican Legislature and Gov. Rick Snyder for signing the bill. They’re partly to blame for the rising deaths of motorcycle riders. The other blame goes to the motorcyclists themselves who are foolish enough to ride without a helmet.

Gina Westley

Imlay City

Living on poverty wages

Yeah there’s growth in the economy, but most jobs in Lapeer don’t pay much more than $10 per hour and nobody can live on those poverty wages. Believe me, not everyone is experiencing the better times. Most people I know are still poor.

Austin Gilmore

Mayfield Township

‘Republican rhetoric’

Your Sunday editorial was clearly written by a Republican, because all the expansion in the world isn’t doing much to raise wages. I work two jobs. I know. Don’t insult the working people with your Republican rhetoric.

Peter Nellis

Almont Township

Not everyone is doing better

Great economy? Where? More than half of Lapeer County’s school children come from homes that are poor enough that they qualify for free or reduced-cost lunches.

That doesn’t sound like a healthy economy to me. Shame on you for belittling the working and lower class of Lapeer County. Not everyone is doing better.

Great for the community

After reading Sunday’s paper I was real proud of the White Horse Inn owners. They’re continued investment in Metamora is going to be great for the entire community, because we definitely need more upscale sort of businesses because clearly there’s a market that can sustain higher living.

Iris Aldridge

Hadley Township

Good news for Metamora

Kudos to Victor and Linda (owners of White Horse Inn) because they single-handedly have probably done more than anyone else ever has to breathe new life into little Metamora that needed something before it withered up and blew away. The more they do, the better off Metamora will be.

Alisson Baer

Mayfield Township

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