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MSU board has to go!

The entire governing board at Michigan State University should resign. As a mother of daughter attending MSU I am outraged at how poorly the university handled the Larry Nassar sexual abuse disaster. Their lack of action put my daughter in danger, and for that I will never think the same of MSU.

Sarah Rutter

Imlay Township

Clean house at MSU

To think that MSU administrators knew of credible complaints against Dr. Nassar and did nothing is disgusting. They need to clean house of everyone who knew and did nothing. Get rid of all of them. They’re worthless.

Aubryn Sharrard


Shame on MSU ‘leaders’

Shame on Michigan State University “leaders” for allowing hundreds of girls to be sexually abused by one of their own employees. I’m glad my daughter went to Wayne State.

Erica Emerson

Mayfield Township

Phones harmful to civility

Finally, it appears some people are realizing that the constant use of cellphones by teenagers (and adults) can be harmful to their health, and certainly harmful to civility among people. We won’t buy a cellphone for our kids until they’re 16 years old. Kids younger than that don’t need a phone.

Jaime Steinhoff

Dryden Township

Parents, use some restraint!

Cellphones shouldn’t be in the hands of kids younger than middle school. Who is an elementary age kid calling? Nobody, but they’re playing stupid and addicting games. Parents, use some restraint and say “no” for a change.

Christopher Kosal

Hadley Township

Going through life high

Really tired of all the medical marijuana stories in the paper. It really concerns me that so many people want to get high just to feel better. Take care of their problems and they won’t have to go through life smoking or vaping marijuana. It’s ridiculous.

Alyssa Crenshaw


Fire department justified

Mayfield Township has every right to start its own fire department. If we didn’t get screwed by Lapeer Fire & Rescue it wouldn’t be necessary, but that’s where we’re at. The costs will be less.

Clint Millsap

Mayfield Township

Grateful for Love INC

I appreciate The County Press giving a shout out to Love INC (editorial in Wednesday, Feb. 7 edition). They helped my family when we needed it due to a financial crisis we went through, and I will forever be grateful.

Brooke Jahnke

Elba Township

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