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Disappointed by Zemmer 3 sentences

How disappointing to read the outcome of the sentencing of the three Lapeer County teens for making a false terrorist threat. The guilty apologized and we have to accept this? They get probation and what do the innocent get? What a message sent, and the wrong one. The three teens took security and happiness away from the good people.

Georgia Hampel

Lapeer Township

Don’t ruin lives of Zemmer 3

You people are forgetting that these are kids. Judge Holowka’s sentence for the Zemmer students was entirely appropriate because they didn’t do anything. Ugly words shouldn’t put someone in jail or prison, especially when it comes from young teenagers. The court shouldn’t ruin a teen’s life for something stupid they did when they were 14 or 15.

Jaxon Davis

Mayfield Township

Can’t have it both ways

Judge Holowka wasn’t going to make friends however he sentenced the Zemmer kids, but he shouldn’t be criticized by the prosecutor. If he wanted harder time he should’ve prosecuted the case different. Sharkey can’t have it both ways.

Colleen Shaw

Imlay City

Let the chips fall

Well, folks if this loud-mouth Tom Pabst didn’t fire everybody up I don’t know what will. Either way, Pabst needs to keep quiet and let the chips fall where they may for Mr. Konschuh.

Craig Fleming

Arcadia Township

‘Let’s raise the bar’

Good for the city (Lapeer) for supporting the new library. A library is a center for learning, education, culture and literacy and we deserve a facility worthy of that mission. Let’s raise the bar for a change in this community and get something nice we can be proud of.

Anna Webster

Oregon Township

Will support new library

I plan to vote for the library in August because the cost will be next to nothing and we’ll finally have a library that meets the needs of today’s youth and today’s adults who value culture. The Marguerite is simply way too small and inadequate for a community the size of Lapeer.

Alison McNally

Elba Township

Embarrassed by Judge Konschuh

Judge Konschuh, what can I say? You need to drop your ridiculous lawsuits and get on with life. You’re lucky you still have a job, so call it good and end this nonsense. You should be embarrassed at what you’re doing. I know I’m embarrassed for you to continue this one more day.

Baylee Fletcher

Hadley Township

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