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Farmers don’t need to be treated like they’re fragile

I don’t know if I’d say farmers are necessarily cry-babies, but they don’t need to be treated like they’re fragile either. No matter what happens in China, or Brazil, farmers will be fine and people don’t need to go out of their way to protect them. They have more backers in Congress than most professions, so they’ll be fine.

Olivia Pfeiffer

Dryden Township

Trump making life difficult

I think it’s sort of funny. Most farmers vote Republican, and likely voted for President Trump and he’s the one that may make life difficult for them in the years to come if tariffs are put in place against certain U.S. exports like soybeans and pork.

Is Trump making it “great” again for farmers? Not so much, boys!

Chris Jamison

Elba Township

Farmers have it good

I agree with Joel Martin in Wednesday’s paper. Farmers have it a lot better than most people, thanks to the lobbying power of the American Farm Bureau Federation who goes to bat for low migrant labor wages, less restrictions on pesticides and many other things that save them money. Sorry if you can’t buy a second F-250 for the farm this year!

Jayden Hendra

Oregon Township

Show farmers some respect

Cry-babies, really? If people want food on their table that they can afford at Walmart or ALDI’s they should be interested and care about what can happen to us if there’s a trade war with China or any other important export nation. It means your food will cost a lot more.

Jeff Kredell

Lapeer Township

No need for new fire dept.

There’s no reason for a new fire department in Mayfield Township. They never asked us, and if they did they’d see we have no issues with the Lapeer Fire Department (Fire & Rescue) and we don’t want it.

Cheryl Gebhardt

Mayfield Township

Organ donations save lives

An organ donation saved the life of my brother last year, so we’re all donors in our family now. Everyone should be. Do you need your heart, eyes, lungs or liver when you’re gone? You might as well donate them and save a life.

Diane McMann


Mind own business

Medical marijuana is not for everyone, but so what? It doesn’t have to be, but that shouldn’t stop people who can benefit from using pot products. People should mind their own business and not worry about something that will have no effect on their life.

Annemarie Ford


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