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Fickle weather provides lots of adversity

I t’s said to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day.

I’m not sure how that translates to big outdoor high school sporting events, but Lapeer and Davison may have been throwing a little salt over their shoulders as they were set to host two of the early annual high school events Friday.

Lapeer boys’ golf coach Steve Stearns has seen it all in his years at the helm of the boys’ and formerly the girls’ golf programs. Snow, driving winds and rain. Bring it on, he told us over the past week. Anything but lightning and we’re playing, he declared as if to warn the weather gods.

Davison also had its eyes on the radar and skies as it prepped for the annual Shake Off the Rust track meet Friday night. The weather was looking particularly bad late in the day with the impending wintry mix predicted for early Saturday morning. Ultimately, Davison had to pull the plug on the track meet early Friday morning.

Everyone’s been watching and waiting to expect what ABC 12 Chief Meterologist JR Kirtek called, Wednesday night, “a horrible day, quite frankly” for Saturday and today. Meteorologist Chris Mulcahy mid-day Thursday called the forecast “a terrible one”. Freezing rain and 50 mph winds were predicted.

Nonetheless, Golf teed off at 9:30 a.m. Friday as expected at the Metamora Golf and Country Club with the temperature hovering around 38 with a feels-like of 31. Last year was just as unpleasant to start with wind and rain. The players should have all been ready for whatever Mother Nature threw at them. Rain pants, ski caps, head bands and gloves and a plan for the wind were all in order.

At the Lapeer girls’ tennis meet Wednesday afternoon, I had on the same snow pants and jacket I wore at Tuesday’s North Branch vs LakeVille soccer game. Lapeer coach Oscar Rodriguez was just as bundled up, as were the parents flanking the courts who looked more like they were watching a November football game. Playing sports and watching sports in the early spring are two very different experiences. Run around on a soccer field or chase down balls on a tennis court and you’re sure to get somewhat warm. Sit on the sidelines and watch and all you get is chilled to the bone.

Some players stripped down to just their uniforms while others had on every piece of long-sleeved, long-legged clothing they could find to match their uniforms. Headbands and gloves protected their ears and fingers, while others were clearly wishing they had pulled theirs out of their bags. Hands and ears were rimmed with that bright red color we see when our body has been out in the cold too long. I felt bad for them. When those balls hit you at these temperatures it hurts. A LakeVille soccer player took a hard-kicked ball to the gut and crumpled to the ground like a house of cards. That stopped play immediately.

Better days are to come, of course. And none too soon. Several parents were overheard laughing and saying, “Just wait. In two weeks it will be hot and we’ll all be complaining that it’s too hot”.

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