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Swing Out was a delight

My husband and I were at Swing Out in downtown Lapeer, and we had a great time. I was so impressed with how well behaved everyone was.

Swing Out is one of the coolest school traditions I’ve ever seen. When we moved here nine years ago I had no idea what Swing Out was. It sounded weird, but unless you’re there in person and see it for yourself it’s hard to appreciate what a neat thing it is for the entire school community to send off their graduates with the support of family and friends who come downtown to give them balloons and hugs as they pass.

I also appreciated the small blue and green flags on the all the lampposts. That really added to the festive atmosphere.

Nice work everyone. Swing Out was really a delight.

Nicole Kirschener

Oregon Township

Sick of Konschuh in paper every week

You think you’re doing the right thing, but I promise you Mr. Hogan nobody cares what happens anymore regarding Judge Konschuh. This is just like the Todd Courser scandal. People have long made up their minds about Konschuh, so you’re wasting a lot of space by doing articles over and over about the judge. I don’t even read them. My wife doesn’t read them. My son doesn’t read them.

We’re sick of Konschuh being in the paper every week. Why don’t you just wait until it’s over? You don’t need to bore us to death with the back and forth stuff every week. Do us a favor, seriously find something else to put in the paper because you’re killing a lot of trees to write about Konschuh but few people are reading the stories.

Nathan Thayer

Attica Township

Looking forward to first Busker Festival

We’re looking forward to this weekend’s festival (Michigan Busker Festival). Imlay City did a bold thing to rebrand its local festival to something other than the Blueberry Festival because it made no sense any more.

I agree with your paper’s recent editorials that said rather than complain about things people should have a better sense of adventure and welcome change — or else to volunteer to help organize and run the festival.

The street performers sound exciting, and we’re looking forward to going to the festival to check out all the fun going on. Festivals run out of steam like you said, and when they do or people become bored of current festivals then it’s time to try something different. Different is change, and some people don’t deal well with change and will complain because they can.

But rather than complain, go with an open mind and enjoy the Busker Festival. I have a feeling it will become a big hit in a couple of years when it gets more established and people talk about it.

Ann Pickford

Imlay Township

Glenn shares ‘our values of strong family, marriage and morals’

After observing both Republican Party primary candidates for many terms, State Rep. Gary Glenn has consistently demonstrated that he will stay the course and serve as a conservative statesman.

Gary has represented the voice of the people while not being dictated by special interests. For example, Gary championed to preserve the Energy Choice Program legislation that has already saved the schools of Lapeer County $1.5 million. The money saved from this program can now be kept in the classroom to encourage the best possible education for each child.

Gary has continually sought to cut taxes and make our tax dollars go further while remaining fiscally responsible. Actions such as these helped Gary to receive the Most Conservative Legislator of the Year Award. Gary has a proven track record with Michigan farmers and agribusiness.

He is also a faith-based person who shares our values of strong family, marriage and morals which he was able to represent as president of the Michigan chapter of the American Family Association. Having served eight years in the military, Gary is a firm believer of “One Nation under God” and strives to maintain the blessings of freedom here in Michigan and throughout America. While in Lansing I spent my full term working alongside Gary who help and service on conservative issues was invaluable.

I wholeheartedly endorse Gary Glenn for state senate.

John Stahl

Arcadia Township

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