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‘Thanks’ for repaving Nepessing Street in Lapeer

A big thank you to whoever was responsible for getting Nepessing repaved from Saginaw to Bowers Road. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Joanne Sweeney

Mayfield Township

Konschuh defines greed

I compliment all the graduates and their accomplishments. Enjoyed reading about Andrew Schneider. I wish all the students success in life. Next, I enjoyed reading Lisa Paine’s column where she talked about distracted drivers and their cell phones.

As for Konschuh the money he wants to get his reputation back should go to the people — the young, the old, the homeless shelter or veterans. The people of Lapeer will always remember the name Konschuh as defining greed.

Georgia Hampel

Lapeer Township

Smells like desperation

Really, Byron? Your request smells like desperation to me. After all, how can you sue people for merely doing their job? You took the money. That’s what started things. No one else in Michigan could have walked away from five felony counts. It’s preposterous and a disgrace.

Craig Fleming

Arcadia Township

Drop the lawsuit

Attorney James Acho is correct. Judge Konschuh, if you really want to do the right thing and make this mess go away, drop your lawsuit. That’s the only way you’ll ever get your name back. You should’ve been happy with the results, but then you had to sue everybody and make it even worse.

Marie Williams

Elba Township

No reason for Mayfield recall

I agree with Maurice Freed.

There’s no reason to have a recall in Mayfield Township now that they’ve canceled plans for a fire department. What’s the point? Kay Miller Mayfield Township

Recall ‘has no merit’

There’s no way Joy Boots is going to get 670 signatures for a recall against Dianna Ireland. They said they aren’t going to start a fire department unless the information they get says it makes sense. The recall has no merit anymore.

Margaret Harrand

Mayfield Township

Youth stand for action

I appreciate the editorials calling out the accomplishments of local youth in Lapeer County. Mark my words, these kids are going to change the world. They’re tired of talk and stand for action instead.

Kierra Stone

Almont Township

‘An absolute disgrace’

Sure wish this community would support recycling. It’s an absolute disgrace how much waste people haul to the curb every week. Do your part to reduce garbage going to landfills.

Amee Wilcox

Goodland Township

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