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Imlay City Police looking for vandals

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IMLAY CITY — Imlay City’s police chief came back from a week’s vacation to find a sticky situation. Sometime between June 29 and July 1 vandals poured a “sticky substance” on one of the department’s older Ford Taurus patrol cars. Even more infuriating for Chief Scott Pike was the discovery that vandals painted profane anti-police graffiti on the back of The Goodwill building on North Cedar Street and on another building on the 300 block of West Third Street.

The chief took to the department’s social media page Monday morning, writing, “It would seem that our fan club has decided to express their feelings towards your Police Department in the form of profane graffiti around town. Their sentiment towards us is of no real concern (goes with the job). What I am disturbed by is the profanity that families and children are exposed to. We are small-town America and I don’t believe this is acceptable to our community.”

Shortly after, he said, his phone lit up with reporters throughout mid-Michigan asking for details. This sort of vandalism is fairly rare in Imlay City.

Last June after vandals filled the Polly Ann Trail tunnels with crude words and cruder drawings, the Youth Outreach program at Gateway Assembly Church volunteered to paint murals covering the offensive images.

Since then, the city has installed decorative LED lights along the Polly Ann Trail through the city as well as several surveillance cameras.

Pike said so far the cameras seem to be deterring additional vandalism in the tunnels.

He added his officers are in the process of reviewing security video taken the night the patrol car was vandalized in hopes of identifying the perpetrators. “It’s a small town,” he said. “Please, if you are aware of these troublemakers pass the info on to us.”

Pike said his officers tried, unsuccessfully, to wash the sticky stuff off the patrol car, which has about a year to go in the fleet.

He said the next step is to send it to a detailer, which will cost a couple of hundred dollars and if that doesn’t work, repainting the car could run into the thousands.

Pike said that while the damage is covered by insurance, he’d rather find the people responsible and give them the bill.

Pike also urged property owners and people responsible for property maintenance to clear or cover vandalized property as soon as possible.

Anyone with information about any of the vandalism incidents are urged to call the Imlay City Police Dept. at 810-724-2345.

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