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‘Lets get this done’

In reading the article by Mr. Hogan in Sunday’s paper I was struck by how small an area most of the medical marijuana dispensaries want to operate from. While M-24 may be fast-food row in Lapeer, Imlay City Road east of Court Street will be ‘Marijuana Row’ in Lapeer with most of the six dispensaries expected to open along this stretch of road.

I had to laugh about the one location between the Subway and Hugo’s Pizza. Perfect, so the people with the marijuana munchies can get a sandwich or a pizza to go along with their pot.

Seriously though, these businesses will likely bring hundreds of people every day into Lapeer who might not otherwise come to Lapeer and that means they will likely purchase gasoline, eat at a local restaurant or buy some beer or pop to chase down a marijuana cigarette. The businesses around the medical marijuana dispensaries if they’re smart will cater their products to the new customers coming to town for their medicine.

Marijuana businesses will enhance, not hurt the local economy as some have said. I think it’s about time legitimate card-carrying marijuana patients can get their pot close to home and not have to drive out of Lapeer County.

The people spoke in 2008 when they passed medical marijuana. It’s now 2018, and that’s long enough. Let’s get this done and get these places open for the people.

Jamie Abrego

Oregon Township

‘United we are unbelievably strong’

Over the last few months I have seen the Kevin Daley campaign work very hard to question senatorial candidate and current House member, Gary Glenn’s honor.

We, as a collective, really do want our public servants to do the best they can by their respective constituents and whether we align ourselves with the Democratic or Republican Party, we “all” want a person of integrity to represent us while in office.

I know of very few people in my life that I would defend with my own honor but one of those I would defend without hesitation is Gary Glenn.

During my last deployment in 2014-15, Gary took care to watch over my family while I was gone, as I was an Active Duty Service member deployed from his district, at the time.

He did not know my political affiliation and did not care. It was just a veteran, taking care of a veteran.

I will never forget the friendship that he showed to me and my family and in the years that have followed.

In the Army we are supposed to live by the seven values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless-service, honor, integrity and personal courage and never would I question any of those when it comes to Gary Glenn.

He successfully takes on those who try to manipulate us, monopolize us and misalign us and when hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent in attempt to keep a man like Gary out of the fight. Well, it should tell an educated voter, everything they need to know.

United we are unbelievably strong.

Ronnie P. Cyrus


Message is predictable

So here’s the deal. You read the organized letter-writing campaign of supports of Kevin Daley and Gary Glenn in the paper, but what’s missing? Substance.

These people are writing letters telling you to vote for one or the other, but neither candidate has much to offer other than more of the same Republican dribble of low taxes, gun support and small government. After that, they’re done. They have nothing.

The Republican message is so predictable. It matters little who is in office because either one will do the same amount of damage. Here’s my advice, vote for neither.

Kim Cowley

Dryden Township

Kevin Daley has character

Since the end of my career in the Michigan House of Representatives three years ago, I have begun to reflect on my time in the state capitol. I am a conservative Republican, and a member of the team that turned Michigan around. It was a time that we saw great economic advancements, people and jobs returning to Michigan, and a definite change in the focus of the leadership of our great state.

When I entered the capitol in 2009 our party was very much in the minority. The Democrats in charge were not bad people, yet our party was determined to gain the majority we felt would lift Michigan out of its deep recession. We gained a reputation of working together and caring for one another. Then in 2010 our party gained the majority and we set out on a course that changed Michigan from a loser state to a winner state. It became apparent that the character and ability of certain members was a huge reason for the success that took place. One such member was Kevin Daley.

We came to the legislature at the same time, shared all six years on the Agriculture Committee, and we actually sat together on the House floor for all six years.

Kevin Daley showed everyone his true character and common sense values. He had the virtues of being accessible to not only other legislators, but the real people he was responsible to — his district! He excelled as a legislator and problem solver. He would listen, reason, and tried always to see another’s point of view.

His ability to work with others was most valuable. Often he showed his humor, his compassion, his love for family, and his strong abiding faith. Everyone knew Kevin as the hard-working, dedicated conservative who protected our God-given rights and worked for the good of all.

Please vote August 7 for my friend and yours Kevin Daley for State Senate.

Kenneth L. Kurtz

Former Michigan State

Rep. 58th District


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