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Chatfield performing arts center a nice idea

It’s nice that Chatfield is looking to build a performing arts center at the school. I’ve always thought Lapeer County deserved a large venue to hold high school band and drama performances, as well as host graduation ceremonies so we don’t have to keep going over to Flint.

It’s too bad there isn’t one central facility that can accommodate these sort of programs. It’s unfortunate Lapeer can’t have nice things, like a new central library but it appears that’s water under the bridge and probably won’t happen for a long time because of the no new taxes sentiment held by many voters in Lapeer.

Estelle Dewey


Concerned for public safety

I see TV commercials warning against buzzed driving after having a drink or two, but think what could happen if people 21 and over will be allowed to buy and smoke marijuana if people pass the ballot proposal in November.

I plan to vote NO on the marijuana ballot proposal because I think it will make our roads and communities even less safe than they are now with all the drinking and driving that goes on. I’m not afraid that marijuana is some sort of “gateway” drug that will result in people doing cocaine and heroin, but I am worried that more of our young people will have even greater access to weed and that’s going to result in accidents. My concern is about public safety, because shouldn’t that be our biggest concern always?

Rebecca Ferreira


Voters should choose their politicians

Proposal 2, the Voters Not Politicians proposal, is a grass roots, non-partisan ballot initiative backed by Democrats, Republicans and Independents all over Michigan. I know because I am working on the campaign, and I am a volunteer. In fact, everyone I know who works on the campaign is a volunteer, every one.

We are doing so because Proposal 2 will end gerrymandering in Michigan. Proposal 2 will take the process of drawing districts out of the hands of politicians and place it in the hands of 13 voters, an Independent Redistricting Commission, who must follow a fair and transparent process — that means not creating winners and losers but creating fair and balanced districts, holding townhalls, getting input and making all that input available to the public.

Some voters are being told that they should leave the redistricting process up to their elected officials, almost as if to say that only by being elected are they qualified for the job. But when redistricting occurs behind closed doors, unelected lobbyists are at the table, advising and directing. Voters are qualified to create their own voting districts.

With passage of Proposal 2 every Michigan voter can be at the table by volunteering to join the commission, and if not selected, can still attend town halls, submit maps, ask questions and give opinions. The final district maps will have to have buy-in from both major parties.

Voters should choose their politicians and not the other way around. Let’s force our representatives to work for us and earn our votes.

Register to vote if you haven’t and show up to vote November 6 and please vote YES on Prop 2. Go to votersnotpoliticians.com to get the facts on Proposal 2. Find your polling place and view your ballot by visiting Vote SOS or VOTE411.org

Beth Little

Hadley Township

Proposal 2 would head us in right direction

Proposal 2 was put on the November ballet as a result of a petition by concerned citizens. The Republican Party has abused the present system of districting to the point of crude corruption. They know it and like it as it is. Without a conscience there is no shame.

The letter by Mr. St. Laurent shows the attempt to make a fair system for districting is described by him as something put together by the North Koreans. Ridiculous! In reply to his question as to what could be worse? The present fascist with dark money and bought and paid for politicians has given us inept and unfit representation to control our government. One man one vote is a much better way and Proposal 2 would head us in that direction.

Joe Tribula

Almont Township

Disappointed by Republicans

It’s not surprising that the Republicans in the Legislature would undermine the public’s right to vote on something as important as the minimum wage. By doing what they did, they can change the minimum wage schedule if they wish to down the road.

Being keeping the minimum age in-house like they did, they can tweak its implementation if their business friends want to slow it down even more than what it is. I think it’s pretty shoddy what they did, but again I can’t say I’m surprised. Disappointed for sure, because once again government has subverted the public’s right to let our voice be heard.

Kurt Hoard

Marathon Township

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