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Step up and help police

There’s a problem right now in Lapeer. Police are asking for the public’s help to identify the idiot who put sodium hydroxide on a slide at Cramton Park, they’re asking for help to learn what really happened to the Attica teen found “drowned” in the Flint River, and now they need help to find out who shot a man through his window in Lapeer Township. People need to step up and help police with the information they need. Someone knows something they’re not sharing.

Jamie Basler


Lapeer has changed

Reading The County Press these days is like watching Detroit or Flint TV news. There’s shootings, death and crime in every paper. What happened to the little, sleepy town I grew up in? It’s changed, and not in a good way.

Teresa Warren

Mayfield Township

Need more information

The police are asking for help with the shooting near Wilder and Peppermill roads, but they won’t say what kind of gun was used? It seems they’re not the ones being helpful. How can people help if they don’t have information?

Thomas Schock

Attica Township

Why didn’t family know?

How can a kid just go missing

in Lapeer? It saddens me that family and friends apparently didn’t know that Jared Bristol wasn’t home. How can a 17-yearold not be missed at home?

LuAnn Willett Imlay City

The best gets even better

Good for Chatfield. If they add a performing art center they will make Lapeer County’s best school even greater. They deserve all the good they get because they work harder than anyone to always improve the school.

Kim Schneider

Oregon Township

Enjoy Fitzgerald’s columns

Really enjoy Ed Fitzgerald’s columns (in Sunday edition of The County Press). He takes on the issues of the day with a sense of humor that keeps me wanting to read more. Keep up the good work.

Mark Copeman

Goodland Township

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