2018-09-12 / Police Beat

Police Beat

Police Beat is a compilation of reports from the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Dept.

Noisy neighbors

LAPEER — A Suzanne Drive woman told deputies Sept. 9 that people were screaming and making lots of noise at a nearby apartment. Deputies found no one running around and no one answered the door.

Loud party quieted

ATTICA TWP. — A Peppermill Road woman told deputies Sept. 9 that she was awakened by a loud explosion and her neighbors were holding a party. Deputies spoke with the neighbors who said they’d hold things down.

Blind dog found, taken to Animal Control

MAYFIELD TWP. — A woman told deputies Sept. 9 that she found a blond, blind dog with a camo collar on Wade Drive. She took the dog to Lapeer County Animal Control.

Man, 25, arrested

LAPEER — Following reports of a Chevrolet Silverado veering from shoulder to median on westbound I-69 on Sept. 9, the Lapeer Police Dept. took a 25-year-old man into custody following a traffic stop on Lake Nepessing Road.

Domestic incidents

ALMONT — Deputies backed up the Almont Police Dept. Sept. 9 following reports of a man and woman yelling at each other, first at Speedway and then at Speedy Q on Main Street.

• An Attica Township woman told deputies Sept. 9 that that she broke up with a South Lake Pleasant Road man and he won’t let her collect her belongings. The man told deputies she thinks she owns him and is having people follow him. The woman could not provide proof she lived at the residence, so deputies told her to leave and not come back.

• A Clear Court woman in Lapeer Township told deputies Sept. 7 that her daughter fought with her grandmother before getting on the bus for Zemmer Middle School.

Illegal dumping

LAPEER TWP. — A Higley Road resident told deputies Sept. 9 that someone was dumping trash.

Alcohol arrest made

DEERFIELD TWP. — Deputies arrested a motorist for drunken driving Sept. 9 following a traffic stop on North Lapeer Road.

Hit and run reported

LAPEER — A woman told deputies Sept. 9 that someone hit her van and drove off while she was shopping in Wal-mart on East Genesee Street.

Threats made

DEERFIELD TWP. — A Southwood Street woman told deputies Sept. 9 that people had been threatening her and driving past her home. Deputies found no one.

Military gear stolen

MAYFIELD TWP. — A man told deputies Sept. 8 that thieves took his military-issued gear that he’d been storing in his sister’s Westbrook Road garage.

Man arrested on non-support warrant

OREGON TWP. — After a Klam Road resident told deputies Sept. 8 that a truck was parked at a vacant house, deputies arrested the driver. The driver told deputies he was there to winterize the home, but deputies found he was sought on a non-support warrant from Midland County. He was taken to the Lapeer County Jail.

Abandoned car

LAPEER — Deputies found a

BMW with a flat tire Sept. 8 blocking an air pump at the Marathon gas station on Lake Nepessing Road. The license plate came back to a Dodge Charger owned by a Detroit man and the car was last registered in Florida in 2017. Deputies impounded the car.

Man in yard

NORTH BRANCH TWP. — An Oak Grove Road woman told deputies Sept. 8 that a friend pulled into her driveway while she was gone and found a man in her yard. The man took off. The woman said she didn’t think the man got in her house.

Missing items

OREGON TWP. — A Davis Lake Road man told deputies Sept. 7 that he first noticed things missing in his pole barn in May. He said at first he thought he just misplaced them, but now he thinks they were stolen.

Dog chases runner

NORTH BRANCH TWP. — A Tozer Road man told deputies Sept. 7 that a neighbor’s dog came after him while he was out running. Deputies notified Lapeer Animal Control. The victim told deputies that a ticket wasn’t enough, he wanted the dog put down.

Liquid tossed at vehicles

ELBA TWP. — A passerby told deputies Sept. 7 that three teens between the ages of 14 and 18 were throwing some sort of liquid at passing cars on Genesee Road.

Garage burglarized

LAPEER TWP. — A Morris Road man told deputies Sept. 6 that thieves broke into his garage. He said he heard a bang and his garage door opened. He told deputies when he got to his garage nothing was missing. Deputies found no sign of anyone having been outside the garage.

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